Flagpole Silencer – (Medium-Notched)

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  • Silences Noisy Flagpoles
  • Prevents Damage to Flagpole Surfaces
  • Covers All Types of Snap Hooks & Clasps
  • Virtually Eliminates All Clanging & Banging Noises
  • Works on Halyards, Sailboats, Rigging & Many Other Applications

Product Details

Product Description

Are you tired of listening to the endless banging and clanging of metal snap hooks against your flagpole? These simple flagpole silencers are guaranteed to eliminate virtually all flagpole clanging even on the windiest days. Plus they protect the surface of your flagpole from chips and abrasion keeping its finish looking new longer.

Isolate IT! Flagpole Silencers are made of high quality closed cell polyethylene foam rubber. They will stand up to years and years of abuse and the elements. The thick foam provides the best cushioning for metal snap hoots, clasps and all types of fasteners. Don't settle for noisy rubber coated clasps or cheap nylon clips, these silencing sleeves allow you to use the highest quality metal clips and still enjoy peace and quiet.

Medium - Fits 1/2", 5/8", Round, Trigger Snaps, and Snap Hooks

Flagpole Silencers come in 2 styles, regular and notched.
Regular - For clips that are tied to single ropes/lines. These can be used for all types of applications including sailboats, tie downs, snap covers, rigging and joining ropes. (See images)

Notched - Designed for flagpole halyards to allow the both ropes to pass in opposite directions without while still completely covering the metal snap clip. (See images)

Made in North Carolina, USA.

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