Details about Stainless Steel Indoor / Outdoor Water Fall Fountain Pond Garden Sheer Descent 2 Foot (w/ Blue LED)

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  • Made of Grade 304 Stainless Steel with a "Top Wide Open" Design
  • Has a "Top Wide Open" Design for ease with small debris and particles

Product Details

Product Description

Our featured Sheer Descents are made out of Grade 304 Stainless Steel, and has a "Top Wide Open" Design that is extremely beneficial and highly recommended for outside use with non-filtration water systems, like in a garden, pond, etc. With the "Top Wide Open" Design small debris or particle's can flow through the the waterfall normally, it wont clog or mess up the even flowing stream. It can also be used in a lot of other useful and creative ways, such as, in your pool for the waterfall effect, custom showers, fish ponds, aquariums. Let your imagination run wild and create anything you can think of with this special Sheer Descent. If you're looking for helpful idea's take a look at our pictures below, or simply just Google the words "sheer descents" and take a look at the images! These Sheer Descents come in a range of sizes from 1 foot to 3 feet in length, also you have the option to pair it with a LED light strip and brighten up where ever you are planning to put it. We sell them together simply just snap the LED strip into the top of the Sheer Descent and plug it in! We have 3 different colors of LED strips, White, Blue, and Color Changing. (Color Changing: Red, Green, White, Blue, Purple; There are also many color fades in between.) All Color Changing Sheer Descents come with a wireless remote that turns the LED's on and off, and also allows the users to pick specifically which color they would like to use and has a few color changing frequencies like, "Flash", "Strobe", "Fade", or "Smooth". Measurements and Flow Rate: 12" with 1-inlet (1 in. FPT) Rec. Flow 1000gph 24" with 1-inlet (1 in. FPT) Rec. Flow 1500gph 36" with 1-inlet (1 in. FPT) Rec. Flow 2200gph

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