Artificial Boxwood Topiary Hedge Plant Suitable for Both Outdoor or Indoor, garden or backyard and home decorations, Use it as Greenery Walls, or Privacy Screen Panels 20″ x 20″ (6 pack)

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  • DIMENSIONS: Each set comes with six pieces of 20"x20" boxwood panels that snap together to equal 16.68 square feet.
  • EASY TO CUT AND FIT: Using scissors it's easy to cut, fit and shape to any space. Snap and lock using the products interlocking connectors for easy installation.
  • USAGE: Perfect for privacy, aesthetically enhance your area with a realistic look to beautify and transform your patio, garden, fencing, yard, walkways, rooms, walls, interior and exterior or your own creative design.
  • DURABILITY: UV-proof, weather resistant, low-maintenance, eco-friendly(doesn't need to be watered), made of lightweight yet super-strong high density polyethylene that's soft to the touch.
  • SURFACES: Product can be used on many different types of surfaces such as drywall, concrete, chain link fence, wooden walls, and trellises.

Product Details

Product Description

Realistic looking greenery that is UV-proof to look fresh, weatherproof to withstand the elements, low-maintenance so no hassle, and requires no water unless you use that as a source for cleaning. Perfect for converting walls, fences, trellis' and anything you can apply it to creating a natural lush look soft to the touch yet durable made of super-strong-sturdy high density polyethylene. Perfect for privacy or just to beautify your area interior or exterior. Shaping and designing is a simple snip of a pair of scissors to fit the size and shape you wish to create, and pieces connect with interlocking connectors for ease of installation.

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