PlaneAire® Travel Mist | Kills Germs on Contact | Surface & Air | TSA-Approved Size | 100% Natural & Organic | Proven Laboratory Results | No Harmful Chemicals

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  • INSPIRED BY AIR TRAVEL, IDEAL FOR EVERYDAY USE. 2 fl. oz. (60 ml) TSA-Approved Size. Approx. 450 sprays per bottle. Perfect for planes (check out our infographic below) and any form of travel, as well as public restrooms, hotel rooms, waiting rooms, and all frequently touched surfaces. Spray directly on surfaces, in the air, or, if you prefer, on a tissue to use as a wipe. Once you've deplaned, spray your luggage and the bottom of your shoes before bringing them into your home or hotel room.
  • INGREDIENTS WITH INTEGRITY. Made from a powerful proprietary blend of six organic essential oils, purified water and organic fruit acids. Nothing else. All of PlaneAire's ingredients are Certified Organic. The six oils were carefully selected for their powerful antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal properties, observed over centuries, and are sourced from around the globe in their finest, purest forms. No chemicals have been added to suppress the natural, vibrant herbal scent.
  • MADE FROM NATURE, PROVEN BY SCIENCE. Proven 99.99% effective by documented laboratory results from EMSL Analytical, Inc., one of the leading U.S. environmental testing firms. The specific proprietary blend of essential oils was chosen after analyzing the laboratory results of 11 original formulations.
  • SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE. Because it contains no artificial additives or emulsifiers, PlaneAire needs to be shaken very well before each use in order for the six essential oils to combine and activate and to ensure a balanced scent.
  • SAFE AND NON-TOXIC. Contains NO Alcohol. NO Synthetic Chemicals. NO Bleach. NO Hypochlorous Acid. NO Artificial Preservatives. NO Fragrance Additives. NO Stabilizers. NO Surfactants. NO Emulsifiers. NO Phthalates. NO Aerosols. NO Pressurized Gases. NO Phenoxyethanol. Ingredients are biodegradable and have no harmful impact on the environment.

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Use PlaneAire on any surface you touch to erase harmful bacteria someone else has left behind. PlaneAire uses the power of nature to fight off harmful germs wherever you go. PlaneAire was created specifically for health-conscious travelers who really care about high-quality, all natural, organic ingredients, and who do not want to breathe in harmful chemicals, alcohol or bleach. Although 100% of its ingredients come from nature, PlaneAire's results are supported by science: the trade-secret blend of six organic essential oils has been laboratory tested by EMSL Analytical, Inc., a leading U.S. environmental testing firm, which has shown it to eliminate over 99.99% of surface bacteria, leaving only a soothing, herbal scent you'll recognize if you're familiar with essential oils. Because we use absolutely no synthetic chemicals, emulsifiers, preservatives, stabilizers or surfactants, PlaneAire needs to be shaken very well before each use. This allows the individual oils to combine and activate, and ensures a balanced scent. PlaneAire can be sprayed on surfaces everywhere, and is the perfect addition to your travel bag, gym bag, diaper bag, or everyday bag.

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