Clean Air Purge III Refills 1 Case (12) X 7.3 oz.

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  • KILLS: Flies, Mosquitoes, Gnats and Small Flying Moths,
  • For use with Time Mist Metered Aerosol Dispensers
  • Contains no CFCs or other ozone-depleting substances.
  • Contains .975% Pyrethrins, 1.95% PBO and 3.05% MGK 264.
  • Woodsy fragrance leaves no lingering insecticide odor

Product Details

Product Description

Flying insects present pest management professionals with a unique set of challenges. Sensitive areas such as restaurants and hospitals require a continuous, reliable solution because airborne pests are not only a challenging target, but a health risk. PurgeĀ® III insecticide from FMC Professional Solutions provides powerful, around-the-clock control of flying pests. Paired with an economical metered dispenser from FMC, Purge III provides a full 30 days of control and makes ridding the air of bugs more affordable than ever.

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