Ocean Mist MAGIC POND FLOATING FOUNTAIN PJ2000-6C Includes 1580 GPH Pump, 360 RBG LEDs in Light Ring, Auto Color Change, Nozzles, 33 Foot Power Cords

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  • ✅ COLORFUL FOUNTAIN DISPLAY: The Ocean Mist Magic Pond Floating Fountain PJ2000-6C features red, blue and green lights that enhance its beautiful water spray. Especially striking at night, this water feature provides automatic light color changes.
  • ✅ HUNDREDS OF BRIGHT LIGHTS: The included MC480-6C floating light ring has 6 clusters of LEDs, with 60 LEDs in each cluster for a total of 360 lights. The light ring is 19 inches in diameter and 5 inches tall.
  • ✅ TRUMPET AND 3 TIER NOZZLES: This kit's trumpet nozzle produces a fountain spray about 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide. The 3 tier nozzle's spray is about 9 feet tall and 7 feet wide.
  • ✅ SUBMERSIBLE PUMP: The included Jebao WPG2000 water pump has a pre-filter box, maximum 1580 gph output and 1 inch diameter tube connector. Energy efficient, the pump uses only 190 watts. It is 9.8 inches long, 6.06 inches wide and 5.7 inches tall.
  • ✅ 2 LONG POWER CABLES: The pump and the floating light ring each has a power cord that is 33 feet long.

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Product Description

The Ocean Mist Magic Pond Floating Fountain PJ2000-6C is a beautiful, entertaining focal point for any pond. It can brighten any night or be the highlight of any party.

This fountain kit comes with:
* Jebao WPG2000 submersible water pump
* MC480-6C floating light ring with 360 LEDs in red, blue and green
* Trumpet and 3 tier nozzle kit
* 2 electric power cords, each 33 feet long

The pump draws only 190 watts of electricity. It runs on 120 volts AC. The light ring includes a 120 volt transformer.

This PJ2000-6C floating fountain kit has a 1 year limited warranty.

Accent your yard with the Ocean Mist Magic Pond Floating Fountain PJ2000-6C.

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