Bottle Bush, Metal Frame Garden Decor

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  • Sale Price: $39.95
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  • DISPLAY- Create a unique garden sculpture, bending and splaying the tweleve 'stems" into a pleasing design then add colorful bottles creating your own garden art
  • MATERIALS- Powder-coated 3/8" solid steel
  • MEASUREMENTS-Approx. 36" H installed
  • EASY USE- Easily arrange and rearrange stems and bottles
  • Bottles not included

Product Details

Product Description

Have fun bending and splaying the twelve "stems" of this metal bush into a pleasing design, and then add your own colorful bottles to create a unique garden sculpture. Placing empty glass bottles in the garden began as a superstition about capturing evil spirits. These days, a bottle tree is an easy, creative way to display one-of-a-kind garden art, mark a special occasion or add sparkling color to a quiet spot in the garden.

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