Beneficial Cryptolaemus 25 Count Mealy Bug Organic Pest Control

  • Sale Price: $44.11
  • Availability: Usually ships in 4-5 business days


  • Convinient Mail Back Program
  • Order live Cryptolaemus when YOU need them
  • Great gift idea for enviromentally conscientious gardeners
  • Kills and controls mealy bugs, aphids, immature scale and immature whitefly
  • Another great item from Flora Hydroponics

Product Details

Product Description

Cryptolaemus are often called "Mealybug Destroyers" because of their voracious appetite for Mealybugs! They look like small ladybugs with an orange head and tail and a black body. Their first choice is Mealybugs, but they also eat aphids, immature scale and immature whitefly.

You will receive a mail back card when you order this item. It is essentially a gift card that is good for the beneficial insect you purchased. You simply call the 800 number on the card and provide your address for delivery. The insects are delivered in 2 days. This program is ideal for gardening gift ideas and for those that need the flexibility of ordering and receiving a perishable live product at their leisure.

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