Asian Chinese Sun and Moon Stress Health Balls with Chimes

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  • RED, GREEN, or BLUE enamel background, INSTRUCTIONS included
  • Hits pressure points in your hand, 1 1/2 inch in diameter
  • Good for coordination
  • Pleasant chime sound when you rotate these balls
  • SUN AND MOON design

Product Details

Product Description

Prolong your life, increase your memory, and gain vital positive energy! The Boading Iron Ball or Chinese Health Balls have been known to stimulate the various acupuncture points in the hand. This type of exercise with the magic health balls can prevent and cure stress, relieve fatigue, and improve general health. By using these Chinese Balls all the joints in the hand and forearm muscles are contracted and relaxed harmonically. Our Sun Moon health balls ship in assorted colors. Since each ball is individually crafted, slight variation from pair to pair may occur, though each pair has been matched so each ball will match with in it's pair.

Balls come in Blue, Green or Red.

Size: 1.5 inches diameter

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