AquaFinesse Hot Tub Water Care System Kit – Dichlor Powder Granular Sanitizer for Spa, Hottub, or Jacuzzi

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  • No Harsh Side Effects on Skin & Eyes - Dermatologist Tested & Approved!
  • Keeps Water Levels Balanced with No Daily Measuring & Adjustments - Patented Environmentally Friendly Formula
  • Helps Prevent Slime Buildup with Dramatic Reduction in Bacteria - One Box Contains Everything You Need for 3-5 Months (May Vary in Certain Cases)
  • Prolongs Life of Spa Equipment by Reducing Biofilms & Scale Build-up in Your Hot Tub's Plumbing Lines, Filters, & Heater
  • Mild Lavender Scent - No Chemical Odors - Easy to Maintain

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Product Description

Pure, Soft, Crystal Clear Water - No Heavy Chemicals Odors - Tested and Approved, Award Winning, Kind to the Skin and the Environment......... And all of this with Just One Simple Treatment per week!

For decades, water treatment systems haven taken away from the enjoyment of owning a hottub. Unfortunately, most hottub owners have become accustomed to the unpleasant smell and harsh effects associated with these chemicals. Instead of a relaxing pool experience, many people leave their hottub with red watery eyes, irritated skin, discolored swimsuits and the lingering odor of various sanitizing products.

Unlike traditional water care products, AquaFinesse softens your pool water and soothes your skin without the harsh effects of chemicals. By breaking down the biofilm AquaFinesse Hottub completely reconditions the water and equipment, massively reducing the threat of contamination. As a result, there's less "killing" to do, which means the need for chemicals such as chlorine or bromine can be significantly reduced. With AquaFinesse , soaking in your hottub becomes a special experience for you, your family and friends.

Just one dose per week cleans and balances your water, eliminates greasy water lines, slimy surfaces, foaming, calcium and scale build-up. You will really appreciate having more time to relax and enjoy your hottub in a safe, soft and crystal clear water environment.

Kit includes: (2) 2 Liter Bottle of liquid, measuring cup, sanitizer and instruction manual.

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