2PK BugKwikZap Bug Zapper Electric Fly Swatter /Model-BlackTail /Rechargeable! /No Batteries Needed! /Light

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  • Includes 2PK / High Voltage Bug Zapper / More powerful Discharge up to 2300V / Color : Yellow / Blister package Design
  • Saves you money and keeps our planet clean by eliminated unwanted disposable batteries from our trash.
  • The days of buying batteries for your bug zappers are over! With this new model, you will end up saving up to $100/year in just batteries. The Blacktail has a very easy set-up with a detachable power cord
  • with up to 600 charging cycles. Just unplug it and detach the power-cord when you want to use it and plug it back in when your done and it will never fail you.
  • High Voltage Bug Zapper / New Technology - Twice as Fast Discharge up to 2300V

Product Details

Product Description

Flying insects, we have been annoyed since day one by these. Running around trying to find a means to squash them! Now this patented Electric Fly Swatter kills/electrocutes all flying insects such as mosquito's, flies, gnats on contact, "just by waving the bug swatter at them." It looks like a tennis racket, yet yields a zapping power of up to 2300 Volts! A must for the any home and garden! You can take the Electric Fly Swatter anywhere you go, such as camping, a BBQ, the beach, and your fishing trips. No more chasing down flying insects, just zap them with the Electric Fly Swatter with a simple wave! The large size (20" long with an 8.5" racket width) means more surface area which makes it easier to kill those pests. Products trademarked BugKwikZap (TM) are marketed and sold exclusively by SOJITEC(TM). The BugKwikZap name, images, and contents of this listing are protected by trademarks and copyrights. Copyright ? 2008 BugKwikZap.

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