1/4 Pound of Yuba River Gold Panning Paydirt

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  • Natural Paydirt Concentrates
  • Guaranteed to have GOLD!
  • From the Yuba River in California
  • Contains mainly fine gold and small flakes!
  • Some of this paydirt may have pickers or small nuggets!

Product Details

Product Description

If you enjoy prospecting this is the paydirt for you! This paydirt will contain flour gold, fine gold, flakes, and maybe even pickers or small nuggets. These paydirt concentrates contain high amounts of black sands! Each bag is also screened down to a quarter inch which classifies out the larger rocks, so you only get high quality concentrates while still getting the chance to get any nuggets! Since this is river paydirt, it may be slightly damp or wet when you receive it. You will be taken on a prospecting journey to the Yuba river in California when you pan this bag of concentrates out. I want you to imagine a hard days work of prospecting on a remote creek and panning your concentrates out to feel the joy and excitement of seeing color in the bottom of your pan. There is no better feeling than the anticipation of slowly taking your time to reveal gold under layers of black sand! The weight of paydirt in each bag is a 1/4 pound or 4 ounces. This is meant for recreation and has no guarantees on the amount of gold in each bag but we do guarantee at least a bit in every bag. The second photo is a sample pan of this paydirt. The third photo is some of the nuggets and pickers that have been found in the area where this paydirt is from! The last photo is of some gold I have prospected from this area, it is beautiful and brightly yellow! We try to get our concentrates from the most profitable areas and periodically test pan to insure our paydirt is producing a good amount of gold! Tips for panning: First, I recommend panning just spoonfuls at a time, just one bag may take over an hour to pan, depending on your skill level. As with any concentrates, pan over a catch basin so you can re-pan for any gold you may have missed. It is pretty easy to let the smaller gold fall out with some of the black sands. If you have never panned before feel free to ask me any questions! Please note we offer the same paydirt in larger sizes! Thanks!

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